Past Life Readings

The possibility of reincarnation, is an ancient belief that has its roots in eastern philosophy, but recent surveys reveal that nearly 60% of Americans believe reincarnation is possible.

Kathy and Judith have been doing past life readings as part of their Reiki practice for some time but have also completed an intensive workshop given by renowned medium John White, whose primary area of expertise is reading the records of your soul’s journey. We specifically took the workshop not only for our own intuitive development but because we’ve had so many clients that expressed a curiosity about reincarnation and the past lives of the people around them today.

A past life reading is designed not just to tell you what kind of experiences you’ve had in another time, but to tap into specific lifetimes impacting you now.  The skeptic will tell you that the problem with past lives is that the person always claims they have been someone special.  But Kathy and Judith have yet to meet an Abraham Lincoln, or Katherine the Great.  Most lifetimes are rather ordinary and while everyone probably gets a turn to be famous sooner or later, it is more likely you were only famous then.

A past life reading is very different from a past life regression. The ladies are intuitively taping into the memory of your soul’s journey, remembering it for you, so to speak, rather than you needing to undergo hypnosis and remember it yourself.   It can give you useful insight into relationships, unexplained fears and phobias, likes, dislikes, and special interests and talents.

Past Life readings are $65 for 30 minute reading, includes a cd recording of the session for a phone reading or a reading in our home
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