Galena Body And Spirit Testimonials

Tarot Card Testimonials

With Judith and Kathy

I have met with Kathy and Judith for a year now. All of my readings are right on target and positive. I look forward to our next meeting as always. – Karla…Galena

Having been a tarot reader, I enjoyed how quickly Kathy was able to pick up on the many layers of my life. It was fun and enjoyable. – Richanda…Milwaukee

I had two great readings, amazingly accurate! I will be looking forward to comparing readings in the future. – Leanhaun ….Dubuque

Never even having looked at a tarot deck before, Kathy eased me through the complexities of the reading with insight and fun, a most imformative session. – Jude…Milwaukee

I did the tarot card readings just for fun, but amazingly, everything they told me came true! Some things the cards showed I knew to be impossible, but within weeks the events happened, just like predicted! – Tracy

Judith gave me an unbelievable reading. She told me things that have changed my life and how I felt about myself. – F. … Galena

I am always amazed by what comes up in tarot readings with both Kathy and Judith. The work they do has helped me to move away from fear and into peace. Love you both. C.R.

Judith told me everything that was going on in my life. I cannot believe that she was able to do that. – Lesia from Chicago

I was shocked when Judith started telling me what the cards meant. Icouldn’t believe she knew everything. We came back twice while we were in Galena to find out more information. Thank You. – D and K from Milwaukee

I had a wonderful time at the Haunted Dinner offered at the DeSoto House Hotel in Galena, Illinois on Sat. Oct. 29th 2011. The parade down Main St. just before the dinner was full of fun and fire as the local hot air balloon enthusiasts revved up the flames on several “balloon inflators”. The dining room was definitely a full house (even a table of witches) and the food (especially the chocolate cake dessert) felt satisfying at days end.  Everyone was waiting to hear what “ghostly stories” the Mississippi Valley Paranormal group would bring to the table.

Kathy Gereau and Judith Norris lead the discussion with a visual presentation that included great orb photos, hotel interiors connected with experiences linked to phenomena gathered by their group of investigators and previous hotel staff and guest accounts. An especially interesting section included a voice recording of a female ghost saying “Excuse me” as clear as day.  Several members of the MVP were sitting at a table along the wall when they had and experience of the ghost–later, when the dining room was being remodeled and the wall behind the table was bare to the studs, a doorway was revealed. The ghost was simple wanting to go through the door she’s always used and they were in the way! Loved it. The question and answer section of the evening was interesting as well with lots of questions from the audience and a lot of sharing of personal experiences. I’ve also enjoyed excellent tarot readings over the last 10 years with both Judith and Kathy–the Two Tarot Ladies of www.GalenaBodyandSpirit.com